New StockMins-BoviMag Range for Cattle

AusFarm Nutrition Launches New StockMins-BoviMag Range for Cattle.

Leaders in ruminant nutrition innovation, Wagga Wagga based AusFarm Nutrition Products (ANP), have been working with cattle and sheep producers for almost two decades to boost the productivity and profitability of extensive grazing systems.

Recently, the ANP technical innovation team has focussed on the role of effective magnesium supplementation in increasing production and lowering losses due to grass tetany in high performing cattle.

Magnesium Deficiency in Cattle

New StockMins-BoviMag Supplement Range for CattleGrass tetany is associated with low blood magnesium in lactating cows and is one of the leading causes of cow mortality in south-eastern Australia, estimated to cost $13.7 million in lost production annually.1

In other classes of cattle, low blood magnesium can significantly impact productivity when grazing green feed. Recent studies involving cattle grazing dual-purpose cereals found that effective magnesium supplementation can significantly boost feed conversion efficiency and liveweight gain.2

Importance of Magnesium

ANP’s Chief Nutritionist and Managing Director, Dr Paul Meggison stresses the importance of magnesium and why supplementation is important.

“Magnesium is not highly mobilised in the body and can become deficient quickly if forages don’t provide magnesium effectively. This is common in low magnesium grazing crops and lush green pastures during the cooler months.”

“Magnesium is important for many functions within ruminants and has a major role in nerve function and energy metabolism.”

New StockMins-BoviMag Range for Effective Mineral Supplementation

“Providing cattle with essential minerals, vitamins and trace elements in a supplement that encourages little and often consumption is the most effective way to manage deficiencies.”

Dr Meggison is extremely excited to launch ANP’s BoviMag Range for cattle, StockMins-BoviMag Magnesium Supplement for Cattle and StockMins-BoviMag Plus Green Feed Supplement for Growing Cattle.

“The difference in the new BoviMag Range is that BoviMag products provide cattle with multiple sources of magnesium to maximise absorption and rapidly elevate the magnesium status of supplemented livestock.”

StockMins-BoviMag and StockMins-BoviMag Plus

StockMins-BoviMag is an antibiotic free, weatherproof, granular loose lick supplement designed to boost the essential mineral, vitamin and trace element status in cattle at times when minerals, especially magnesium, calcium and sodium, are less available and in high demand. For best results, StockMins-BoviMag is recommend for lactating cattle grazing lush green pastures and crops.

StockMins-BoviMag Plus is a weatherproof, granular loose lick supplement designed to improve liveweight gain in growing cattle on crops and lush green pasture. StockMins-BoviMag Plus is built with Bovatec to increase feed conversion efficiency and liveweight gain on green feed.

Bovatec has been shown to boost liveweight gain in cattle grazing green feed by up to 14%*.

“It’s always exciting to launch new products and help farmers produce the best meat, fibre and milk in the world. The StockMins-BoviMag Range just provides more tools in the toolbox that can help achieve peak performance and maximise profitability.”

Don’t wait until it’s too late, contact AusFarm Nutrition Products today or find a local ANP distributor for more information on effective magnesium supplementation in your cattle today.

*Zoetis Data on File


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