StockMins - DeTox

Dry Supplement for Sheep and Cattle
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StockMins – DeTox is a molassed granular supplement for sheep and cattle designed to control the effect of toxins in feeds. It also supplies a package of vitamins, trace elements and minerals to assist in the fortification of immune response and general micro-nutrient status. The product particularly focuses on forage toxin such as those produced in paspalum staggers, fescue toxicity, hairy panic, paterson's curse, heliotrope and moulds in feed.

StockMins – DeTox is able to reduce the effects of toxicosis in 3 distinct ways.

StockMins – DeTox can be fed free access or included in mixed rations.

Product Appearance:

StockMins – DeTox appears as a dry, granular, dust free powder. It has a distinct yeasty smell with a slight molasses odour and is light brown in colour.

Target Animals:

Feed to cattle, sheep and goats when there is a threat of micotoxins in feed and forage.

Product Description:

StockMins – DeTox:-

  • Contains an effective toxin binder
  • Weather resistant to reduce rain damage and leaching
  • Contains bentonite, a known clay toxin binder.
  • Contains a high level of zinc oxide and vitamin E to aid skin repair, to limit the effects of toxins in the body and to elevate immune response.

Feeding Instructions:

Free Access Feeding:-

Offer StockMins - DeTox free access in tubs limiting intake to around 20g/head/day for sheep and 100 – 150g head/day for cattle once animals are fully adapted.

Mixed Rations:-                 

Mix thoroughly together with other ingredients to make a complete mixed ration at a rate of 25kg of StockMins - DeTox supplement per tonne of feed.

Use one tub for 50 – 60 sheep or 30 cows.


  • Introduce gradually until intake stability is achieved.
  • Take care if animals are hungry, over consumption is possible.
  • Only feed to livestock intended